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      "But f?ather's a clever manAlbert always used to say so."It was a minute or two before Realf opened his swollen, watering eyes, and gazed up bewildered into the face of the woman he had said his prayers to for a dozen Sundays. She held his head in the crook of her arm, and wiped the froth and blood from his lips.

      "I shall back to Sudley," cried the steward, hastily, "and my lord will reclaim him.""I tell you I'm sorry for nothing."

      "I hear you had some sleep this afternoon."

      "He's a valiant man," said Harry.


      There was a pause. Reuben walked over to the window and looked out. Tilly stared at his back imploringly. If only he would help her with some word or sign of understanding! But he would nothe had not changed; she had forsaken him and married his rival, and he would never forget or forgive.


      ... The words danced and swam before Reuben, with black heaving spaces between that grew wider and wider, till at last they swallowed him up.


      "Soles, plaice, and dabs,"It's not that."