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      Her fingers plucked nervously at the sheet. There seemed to be a strange tickling irritation in her skin, while her feet were dreadfully cold. She wondered rather dully about the babyshe supposed he could not come to any harm over there in the cradle by himself, but really she did not care muchit was all one to her what happened to him.

      "Yes, I thought you were a gentleman," she said with a sudden rap of anger.

      "What! Stephen Holgrave!" said the warm-hearted Lucy, springing down the stairs; but, light and quick as was her step, another reached the bottom before her, and, with a faint shriek, Margaret Holgrave fell on her husband's neck.

      "Money fur us all. The Squire ?un't no Tory grabber."


      "Stephen Holgrave!" eagerly interrupted Calverley. "Have you heard or seen any thing of him?"


      "You take it from me that it's much better when a man has his own way than when he hasn't. Then he's pleased wud you and makes life warm and easy for you. It's women as are always going against men wot are unhappy. Please men and they'll be good to you and you'll be happy, d?an't please them and they'll be bad to you and you'll be miserable. But women who're for[Pg 103] ever grumbling, and making a fuss about doing wot they've got to do whether they like it or not, and are cross-grained wives, and unwilling mothers ..." and so on, and so on.


      "Yes! mercy, Stephenmercy to the coward!" exclaimed the galleyman; "he is not worth your vengeance."