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      a a a. First position of Austrian Army. b b b. Second position to meet the Prussian Attack. c. Prussians under Keith. d d. First position of Prussian Army. e e. Second position of Prussian Army. f. Schwerins Prussians. g. Prussian Horse. h. Mannsteins Attack. i. Place of Schwerins Monument.

      Turning away from the dog-day smile of this personage,late and sultry,Bergan encountered the meaning gaze of a pair of blear eyes.Their king (Wilhelminas grandfather) was of extreme gravity, and hardly spoke a word to any body. He saluted Madam Sonsfeld, my governess, very coldly, and asked if I was always so serious, and if my humor was of a melancholy turn. Any thing but that, sire, answered Madam Sonsfeld; but the respect she has for your majesty prevents her from being as sprightly as she commonly is. He shook his head and said nothing. The reception he had given me, and this question, gave me such a chill that I never had the courage to speak to him.

      Well, then, that is all the more reason why you should not refuse what I offer you.


      "Are you sure," she asked, "that there is no immediate danger?"



      Yes, I knew it. Not one of you will forsake me. I rely upon your help and upon victory as sure. The cavalry regiment that does not, on the instant, on order given, dash full plunge into the enemy, I will directly after the battle unhorse, and make it a garrison regiment. The infantry battalion which, meet with what it may, shows the least sign of hesitating, loses its colors and its sabres, and I cut the trimmings from its uniform."And probably you have pleasant dreams."