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      I am infinitely distressed, he began. But Alice, with her temper rising to heights uncontemplated, interrupted him.

      I know; it is wicked of me, she said. But I so much wanted to get on with my work. You are back early, arent you?

      The monk groaned deeply as he observed four or five men hewing with axes at a door which had resisted their first efforts to burst open; while two others were struggling with a man who seemed to be disputing their entrance; and a few paces from these lay, on a richly-worked counterpane, an infant, whose shrill cries mingled with the strife.


      "Is that you, Robin?" said a soft voice; and a female face was seen peeping half way down the stairs.


      The steward, although vexed at what he considered her obstinacy, yet delayed to enforce her removal until he had tried what his personal remonstrance might effect;but no man approaches a woman, whom he has once, to the fullest extent of the word, loved, with that calm and business-like feeling with which he can discourse with another. The colour deepened, too, on Margaret's cheek, as she saw him advance, and when, in an authoritative, though somewhat embarrassed tone, he asked why she had not obeyed the order that had been given, she raised her eyes, flashing with a spirit that perhaps had never before animated them, and replied"What of her?" asked the monk, looking inquiringly on the esquire.


      She walked slowly down the drive till she came to the little path that led across the fields to Handshut's cottage. A light gleamed from the window, and she crept towards it through tall moon-smudged grasswhile from the distance came for the last time:Reuben pulled himself together, and swinging round cuffed both speakers unaccustomedly.