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      "But whah'm I tuh go?" reiterated the negro hopelessly."Where's your cap?"

      "Too blamed much," shouted a chorus of voices. "An infernal pirate come down here to skin the soldiers. Let's clean him out."

      Somewhere in the bowels of that vessel, in darkness perhaps, and manacled, sat the bright-haired Don, grinning derisively at misfortune. He was depending on her; keeping himself up no doubt with the assurance that she had secured the money to save him ... Pen's head dropped on her arms.

      Light began to dawn upon Si, and he started back in terror at the thought of the mistake he had made.

      "It certainly does," replied Shorty, scratching his head to accelerate his mental action. "Or it might be, Si, w-h-o, who; i-s, is; and y-e-r, yer. You know some ignorant folks say yer for you. And they say the name came from the people who first settled in Injianny sayin' 'Who's yer?' to any new comer."

      If he ran short of ammunition he could ram pieces of hardtack into his gun and he had no doubt they would do terrible execution in the ranks of the enemy.


      "Must've bin the sassafras root," said Si. He hated to lie, and made a resolution that he would make a clean breast to Shortyat some more convenient time. It was not opportune now. "That must've bin a sockdologer of a dose the Surgeon gave me," he muttered to himself.


      "Got him, anyway," he muttered; "now, how in the world kin I load this plaguey gun agin?"