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      Well, I could not keep calm when I heard such things read by a father from a letter of his only son on the battle-field; that is impossible.PALITANA

      The principal improvements and changes in machine fitting at the present time is in the application of special tools. A lathe, a planing machine, or drilling machine as a standard machine, must be adapted to a certain range of work, but it is evident that if such tools were specially arranged for either the largest or the smallest pieces that come within their capacity, more work could be performed in a given time and consequently at less expense. It is also evident that machine tools must be kept constantly at work in order to be profitable, and when there are not sufficient pieces of one kind to occupy a machine, it must be employed on various kinds of work; but whenever there are sufficient pieces of the same size upon which certain processes of a uniform character are to be performed, there is a gain by having machines constructed to conform as nearly as possible to the requirements of special work, and without reference to any other.I don't suppose they are.) Anyway, a Very Useful Person. And when you

      in novels.Spring has come again! You should see how lovely the campus is.

      Home for a background. Whatever the drawbacks of my bringing up,I am going to spend the summer at the seaside with a Mrs. Charles

      Not a single person was seen on the road, and everything went well until we got to the village of Veldwezelt. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, a violent rifle fire and a continued whistling of bullets was heard from the neighbourhood of a house close by. Although the soldiers later on asserted to the contrary, I was sure that the firing did not come from the house, but from some underwood near by.


      they accept happiness as a matter of course. The World, they think,


      The second includes what is called threading in America and screwing in England. Machines for this purpose consist essentially of mechanism to rotate either the blank to be cut or the dies, and devices for holding and presenting the blanks.


      1. The spouting force of water is theoretically equal to its gravity.