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      I am Cadnan and Bent Line Tree and I work."Cadnan frowned. "I do not understand," he said.

      Careful milker that he was, he did not stop until he had stripped the last drop, and the cow, knowing at once that a master hand was at her udder, willingly yielded all her store."So it isn't plants," he said. "It isn't any more than the Alberts and working with them. You want to do anything to get away from themanything that won't remind you you have to go back."

      That fact sent a wave of relief through him, a wave so strong that for a second he could barely stand.

      He rapidly repeated the magic formula, and pronounced Gid Mackall "it."MRS. B.: Oh. Then it must bebut what can you do, after all? It's not as if we were in the government or anything.

      "Open it and read it, Maria," said Si, to whom reading of letters meant labor, and he was yet too weak for work.

      The Alberts were happy to help with the digging in exchange for some of the good things the explorers talked about, because they didn't have many good things. But the explorers built houses for them and gave them food and taught them English, and the Alberts dug in the ground and helped get the metal ready to ship back to the Confederation.

      One day he found the Herd-Boss in camp, and poured forth his troubles to him. The Herd-Boss sympathized deeply with him, and cudgeled his brains for a way to help."And git scared to death by a nigger huntin' coons," laughed the others.


      Nothing was there but shock, and a great caution. "What happened?" she asked. "Are you all right?""Pete," said Shorty solemnly as he finished trimming the switch, and replaced the knife in his pocket, "nobody's allowed to pick out his own daddy in this world. He just gits him. It's one o' the mysterious ways o' Providence. You've got me through one o' them mysterious ways o' Providence, and you can't git shet o' me. I'm goin' to lick you still harder for swearin' before your father, and sayin' disrespeckful words to him. And I'm goin' to lick you till you promise never to tech another card until I learn you you how to play, which'll be never. Come here, my son."


      "Look here," he said, "when you git an order from anyone, don't give 'em no back talk. That's the first thing you've got to learn, and the earlier you learn it the less trouble you'll have. If you don't like it, take it out in swearin' under your breath, but obey.""I did," answered Shorty.


      Shorty had pushed his unavailing search for little Pete far past the point where he remembered to have seen the boy, in the midst of the fighting. He had torn his hands and worn out his strength in tearing aside the brush to expose every possible place that the dying boy or his dead body might be concealed. He had reached the further side of the obstruction, and sat down on a stump, in despair of heart and exhaustion of body.